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BOZ - eCommerce

BOZ - eCommerce

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Owning your own eCommerce website stands as one of the most personally fulfilling and gratifying endeavors one can undertake. The awareness that your potential income knows no bounds, contingent solely on your dedication and effort, instills a profound sense of liberation and motivation. While the notion of establishing an online store is a dream harbored by many, only a select few take the initiative to turn it into a reality, placing you in a distinctive category of individuals. Moreover, the process of creating a digital storefront has never been more accessible, all thanks to Shopify. Indeed, setting up and launching an eCommerce website has become as uncomplicated and straightforward as crafting a WordPress or Blogger blog, courtesy of eCommerce platforms like Shopify.


  • eCommerce with Shopify
  • 1. How to Choose a Shopify Theme
  • 2. Ideas or Selling Physical Products on a Subscription Basis
  • 3. Profiting from any eCommerce Store
  • 4. Using Affiliates to Sell More
  • 5. Getting Stock Photos for Your Shopify Store
  • 6. How Shopify Pays Store Owners
  • 7. Brick-and-Mortar Store Work Hand-in-Hand with Shopify
  • 8. Growing Your eCommerce Business
  • 9. Building a Brand that People will want to Buy from

  • Your eCommerce Store
  • 1. What is eCommerce and why You Should Take Notice
  • 2. An Introduction to eCommerce Business Models
  • 3. Creating Your Online Store Part One – Your Website
  • 4. Creating Your Online Store Part Two – Your eCommerce Store Platform
  • 5. Designing a Store that will Sell
  • 6. More Ways to Generate More Sales with Pricing and Persuasive Writing
  • 7. Marketing Your eCommerce Store
  • 8. Conclusion – Starting Your eCommerce Business
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