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BOZ - Youtube

BOZ - Youtube

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Whether you're launching a new online business or already have one in operation, YouTube is an indispensable channel. YouTube stands as one of the world's most renowned video platforms, offering a potent avenue for attracting fresh customers to virtually any online enterprise. The path to acquiring customers on YouTube encompasses diverse strategies, each warranting a customized approach. At its core, it's all about marketing.

In our comprehensive YouTube course, you'll delve deep into the nuances of this platform, equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to effortlessly cultivate a stream of new customers for your business.

  • Youtube Marketing
  • 1. Getting started
  • 2. Choosing Your Niche
  • 3. How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel for Success
  • 4. Developing Your Content Strategy
  • 5. Strategies for Building an Audience
  • 6. Strategies for Increasing Your Customer Engagement
  • 7. How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel
  • 8. Mistakes to Avoid on Your YouTube Channel

  • Youtube Ads
  • 1. What are YouTube Ads all about?
  • 2. Getting Your Channel and Website ready for YouTube Ads
  • 3. Setting up a Basic YouTube Ads Campaign
  • 4. How to Promote Sour Stuff in Recommended Videos and On YouTube Search
  • 5. Generating Qualified Website Traffic with YouTube Ads
  • 6. Generating More Sales with a Product consideration Campaign on YouTube
  • 7. Generating Cheap Video Impressions with Skippable In-Stream Ads
  • 8. Getting More Qualified Views with Bumper and non-skippable Video Ads
  • 9. Reaching More Mobile Users with an Optimized Outstream Video Ad
  • 10. Generating Email Leads with a YouTube Ads Campaign
  • 11. Creating a Video Ad Sequence Campaign
  • 12. How to Create the Perfect YouTube Ad Creative
  • 13. How to Add Interactivity to Your YouTube Ads
  • 14. How to create Advertiser-Friendly Videos and Avoid Violating Ad Policies
  • 15. YouTube Ads Best Practices for Marketers
  • 16. Advanced YouTube Ads Tips and Tricks that Work
  • 17. Do's And Don’ts
  • 18. Premium Tools and Services to Consider
  • 19. Shocking Case Studies
  • 20. Frequently Asked Questions
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